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Ballroom Dance Wear

Choosing the Perfect Ballroom Dance Wear

When it comes to choosing the appropriate dance attire for various dancing styles, ballroom dance wear is some of the most beautiful. There are many aspects of ballroom dancing that make it so unique including the rhythm, the technique, and of course – the dance attire or costumes. A gorgeous ballroom gown can play a crucial role in the way a dance looks and feels for the audience. The tradition of ballroom dancing has been part of human culture for centuries, and this classical form of dancing is truly timeless, unlike some other newer dance forms.

The Right Ballroom Dance Wear is Crucial

While the technique and rhythm are essential, the costume should also be considered a vital part of the dance. When looking for ballroom dance wear, the right outfit is essential for a seamless performance. For men, shoes should be similar to dress shoes with an inch-high heel. Women should use comfortable court shoes or open-toe sandals. A court shoe looks like a closed-toe pump and typically has a two or three-inch heel. For the dance attire, men should dress in a classic, tailored dress shirt and pants at a minimum. Women are truly the star of the show when it comes to ballroom dancing, so their ensemble is extremely important.

Women’s ballroom dance wear should consist of a long, flowy skirt that allows for freedom of movement. However, for official performances, a much more detailed and lavish ball gown is recommended. The ballgown tends to have a fitted bust and waist and a large “hoop” type skirt with layers of ruffles. Intricate details like beading, sequins, embroidery, and rhinestones can add a stunning visual touch to this incredible dance attire. You’ll find ball gowns in a range of gorgeous colors depending on the dance or the dancer’s preference to ensure that the ballroom dance is unforgettable.

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