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Dance Skirts

Dance Skirts: Which Type is Right For You?

If you’re looking for women’s dance clothing, there are many options to choose from, and that’s why it’s so important to select the appropriate one for your specific dancing needs. Dance skirts are a common choice, but they come in a myriad of different cuts and styles that perform a specific function. Read on for a definitive guide through the many types of dance skirts available so you can find the perfect one for you.

The Wrap Skirt

This women’s dance clothing is typically made of a lightweight fabric that’s somewhat sheer. Wrap dance skirts are usually crafted of chiffon, which is also commonly called georgette. The wrap skirt is made of one rectangular piece of fabric that’s sewn onto a wide ribbon or binding that wraps around your waist and ties securely. They can be found in several lengths, and are most commonly worn in ballet.

Rehearsal Dance Skirts

A rehearsal skirt is usually featured in either a wrap or pull-on style, made of chiffon and typically falling just below the knee. These skirts are worn during ballet rehearsals, where the dancer would typically wear a longer skirt or a tutu once they’re ready to hit the stage.

Teaching Skirts

As the name implies, these skirts are usually worn by the dance teachers only. They’re commonly designed like a wrap skirt however some may be designed as a pull-on. Teaching skirts are constructed of a heavier fabric that isn’t see-through, and they hit right at the knees. Many ballet teachers wear these types of skirts, but some tap and jazz teachers tend to wear them, too.

Latin Dance Skirts

Latin ballroom dance skirts are shorter in length and often have layers of ruffles. When the dancer turns, the ruffles fan out to create a gorgeous, flirty look. Latin skirts are also worn for jazz and burlesque style dancing.

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