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Latin, Smooth, And Standard Dance

Latin, Smooth, And Standard Dance: The Basics

Latin dance is a beautiful and traditional performative art form. When it comes to the differences between Latin smooth and standard dance, there are a few significant things to be aware of. Before you choose your next Latin dance wear, be sure you know which type of dance you’re interested in to ensure a positive experience. Standard Latin dance consists of a variety of frames while performing including closed hold, promenade, and side-by-side. The more traditional Latin dance frame is a bit more restricted and you remain in your dance hold as you face your partners, maintaining body contact the entire time with no open positions.

As for dance wear, there are some pretty unique differences between Latin, smooth and standard dance. In the smooth version, the lead wears a suit, and followers wear a gown. Females tend to show a bit more skin in their Latin dance wear for smooth dance than they do for standard. Men also have a wider variety of color options to choose from. For some dances, women may wear a dress that combines a gown and a Latin costume together. The standard dance consists of a much more traditional look. Men wear a classic tail suit, and women wear a beautiful gown that features a sleeve attached to the flow of the dress. The dance wear for women has much more fabric in standard dance, which creates much more visual flow and movement.

Smooth dance consists of footwork, swing, sway, and rise and fall that’s very similar or quite close to the same as the standard style. However, the smooth Latin dance style involves some movement outside of the traditional dance frame, which allows for some artistic freedom and a lot more dramatic interpretation. However, standard Latin dance is more repetitive with footwork and framework remaining a tradition throughout the generations.

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