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Practice Dance Wear

How to Choose the Best Practice Dance Wear

Dancing is an art form and a skill that requires constant practice. When it comes to choosing dance wear, you need items that are comfortable, flexible, and designed to work with your body as you move. Before you purchase new practice dance wear, read on for a few buying tips to help you select the right items for your dancing needs.

  • Ballet dance wear should be form-fitting in order for dance instructors to check your posture. Ankles should be visible so that foot positioning can also be observed. Yoga clothing like stretchy, breathable leggings is an excellent option for ballet practice.

  • For advanced dancers, a unitard may be worn, or an all-in-one leotard and tights.

  • Ballet shoes should be soft and should also have some grip to help you avoid slips and falls. Any pointe practice should include professionally fitted shoes.

  • If you perform and practice jazz or contemporary dance, looser-fitting practice dance wear is ideal so you can move freely.

  • Dress in layers for contemporary dance practice to help you stay comfortable and warm.

  • For contemporary dance and jazz, shoes can be half-shoes, foot gloves, or you may even practice in your bare feet.

  • Tap dancers may wear fitness wear or leisure clothing like skirts, dresses, or even jeans since most of your body movement is done from the knee down. For advanced tap, it may be best to wear something a bit looser if the dance involves turns and full-body movement.

  • As for tap dance wear and shows, tap shoes are recommended. Look for tap shoes with a reasonable heel height so you’re able to perform and practice steps on your toes.


There are many forms of dance, and that’s why it’s important to choose dance wear that works for your specific skill set. Shop Totally Addicted to Dance to discover a wide range of beautiful, quality dance wear today!

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